Cursed Idol
Cursed Idol
Twist Information
Description Allows voted out contestant to give an extra vote to castaway of their choice.
Appearance(s) Croatia

A Cursed Idol is a game-changing item that originated in Survivor: Croatia.


After a castaway gets voted out, he/she has a privilege, one last move before permanently leaving the game, the Cursed Idol. Before getting his/her torch snuffed, this player will have a chance to still somehow change the game, even after his demise. The eliminated player will be given this object, and delivers it to one of the remaining players. The recipient of this idol will receive an additional one vote the next time this person goes to Tribal Council. Even when his/her tribe wins an Immunity Challenge, the Cursed Idol is still in play and will still count against the player who receives it the next time he goes to Tribal Council. The only way to defuse the power of the Cursed Idol, is if the recipient uses a Hidden Immunity Idol, or wins an individual Immunity Challenge (after the merge). The Cursed Idol is still valid up until Day 37. The producers created this dreaded item to further remove the possibility of a tie vote, and also to give an opportunity to the eliminated contestant to screw the remaining players up, as an act of revenge for their removal.

Twist HistoryEdit

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Survivor: CroatiaEdit

There will be two Cursed Idols, one for each tribe. When the tribes merge, only one Cursed Idol will be in play.