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TTJ's Survivor is a Tengaged group game based on the American version of the reality game show, Survivor. The series premiered on January 12, 2013, on Tengaged website and on the wiki. It is hosted by impresario and show creator thetrackerjackers, who produced the series.

The show takes place in a locale island and a group of 16 or more strangers divided into two or more tribes in a hot environment where they must compete in challenges to earn a reward or immunity from expulsion from the game at Tribal Council. Medical conditions such as injuries due to bans or deciding not to continue because of infections may have contestants eliminated other than by vote. The final two or three players remaining in the game face a jury of anywhere from seven to nine players who decide who the worthy winner must be. The player with the most votes earns the title of Sole Survivor and a gift prize.

Below is the Tengaged usernames and castaways names of all who have participated in TTJ's Survivor Series.

     Contestant played the game for a second time.
     Contestant played the game for a third time.
     Contestant played the game for a fourth time.

Name Username Age Color Level Season Original Tribe Finish
Bernadette P. pooh0902 N/A Blue Phillipines Ahas  19th
Keith D. djdawg Orange Phillipines Ahas RDTI
Cubs C. cubsguy831 Dark Green Phillipines Ahas  17th
Kat K. Katfish White Phillipines Tigre 16th
David D. davd Yellow Phillipines Pating 15th
Sam S. SamSam14 Black Phillipines Tigre 14th
Zach J. jayhawk123 Light Green Phillipines Pating 13th
DJ C. coolexchangestudent Orange Phillipines Ahas  12th
Richard H. Hatch Light Green Phillipines Tigre 11th
Jasmine S. SunnyBunny Orange  Phillipines Pating EV
Sebastian I. ItsSebastiann Light Green Phillipines Tigre 9th
Josh J. JoshJosh123 Brown  Phillipines Ahas 8th
Robert T. (Disney) disneygeek Blood Phillipines Jabanga 7th
Sox S. soxroks247 Black  Phillipines Ahas  6th
Bwburke B. bwburke94 Yellow Phillipines Pating 5th
Gustavo M. massgustavo95 Yellow  Phillipines Tigre 4th
Anthony L. Antho1234321 Orange Phillipines Pating 3rd
Isaac B. Bluejays96 Orange  Phillipines Pating 2nd
Oliver Z. ZombieOliver Red  Phillipines Tigre 1st
Chance C. chancepryor 16 Brown Durban Renoster Quit
Ian I. iangavin 16 Silver Durban Renoster 17th
Anthony L. Antho1234321 13 Light Green Durban Bugeranus EV
Bubba D. Duffybutt11 14 Orange Durban Bugeranus 15th
Danny D. DrPepsi 17 Light Green Durban Bugeranus EV
Jeff T. TDO88 14 Black Durban Bugeranus 13th
Hannah D. Diggz 15 Orange Durban Renoster 12th
Robert T. (Disney) disneygeek 16 Tv-Star Durban Renoster 11th
Dakota D. DakotaCoons 17 Orange Durban Bugeranus 10th
Jordan G. XavierR83 16 Gold Durban Bugeranus 9th
Hannah P. Hannah_Parks 16 Yellow Durban Renoster 8th
Alex G. 01Gohan 13 Purple Durban Bugeranus 7th
Caity L.  Caitlynn7 18 Light Green Durban Renoster 6th
G.T B. SpaceCadet 15 Black Durban Renoster 5th
Kiko K. Kikorus 17 Blue Durban Bugeranus 4th
Josh B. bigbro263 16 Light Green Durban Renoster 3rd
J.T R. BassAbsol 13 Purple Durban Bugeranus 2nd
Kelly M. MoooHades 16 Light Green Durban Renoster 1st
Chloe C. Chloeox 15 Orange Boracay Amihan 16th
RJ R. RJ18 21 Sky Boracay Habagat Quit
CJ F. FrenchMaid 17 Silver Boracay Amihan 14th
Tyler T. TotalDramaTyler 14 Yellow Boracay Habagat 13th
Brittney N. Ninihead25 13 Black Boracay Amihan Elim.
Tess D. dragonberry 29 Black Boracay Amihan 11th
Dan B. bigbrother101 13 Orange Boracay Habagat 10th
Joslyn K. KamiLynne 17 Yellow Boracay Amihan 9th
Nathan N. Nathan132 14 Blue Boracay Habagat 8th
Leah P. PeachessnCream 14 Yellow Boracay Amihan 7th
Alexia S. Saftronbtr999 14 Dark Green Boracay Amihan 6th
Acacia J. jamjars 14 Black Boracay Amihan EV
Tayvie H. HighNoon 17 Orange Boracay Habagat 4th
Jake J. jakehou97 15 Silver Boracay Habagat 3rd
Christian H. HipposUnite 14 Brown Boracay Habagat 2nd
Brian C. cfff 17 Red Boracay Habagat 1st
Chris C. chrisdbrown 15 Orange Mongolia Tatar Quit
Tyrone W. workhardplayhard247 14 White Mongolia Tatar 14th
Ren R. rpalland 27 Light Green Mongolia Kerait 13th
Andrew A. asz9191 22 Tv-Star Mongolia Merkit 12th
Alan A. Alanduncan 15 Gold Mongolia Tatar 11th
Brayden N. Nightcore 14 Blue Mongolia Tatar 10th
Tyler T. TylerTheGreat 18 Silver Mongolia Merkit 9th
Lance B. BoyToy4Cato 17 Sky Mongolia Merkit 8th
Angie A. Angie24 15 Yellow Mongolia Merkit 7th
Dude C. C00LDUDE1000 13 White Mongolia Kerait 6th
Jojo J. jojo7784 14 Blue Mongolia Kerait 5th
Alyssa O. oXAlyssaXo 14 Yellow Mongolia Tatar 4th
Juan A. _Adidas_ 14 Dark Green Mongolia Merkit 3rd
Sim S. SomebodyAwesome 15 Orange Mongolia Kerait 2nd
Paul P. paulmahoney64 16 Orange Mongolia Kerait 1st
Daniel M. MrD646 15 Yellow Croatia Gornji 16th
Mark D. Dakkornel 19 Orange Croatia Donji 15th
Cameron M. Giraffez 19 Yellow Croatia Gornji 14th
Ray I. Ilikebugs 14 Light Green Croatia Donji 13th
Anthony R. rawr121 13 White Croatia Gornji 12th
Daryl B. boogie888 14 Blue Croatia Donji 11th
Katherine J. JosephinaAlexis 19 Red Croatia Donji 10th
Mickle M. MicklePickle20 15 Yellow Croatia Donji 9th
Ryan R. ryanhawk71 23 Yellow Croatia Donji 8th
Connor J. cjuddy 15 Silver Croatia Gornji 7th
Jack T. JETTEJ 15 Orange Croatia Gornji 6th
Andrew L. levonini 16 Black Croatia Donji 5th
Ella S. Survivorgame1 15 Yellow Croatia Donji 4th
Nikki P. Avatar20 17 Orange Croatia Gornji 3rd
Jacob C. Jacob_C 14 Brown Croatia Gornji 2nd
Mike S. Survivor8 22 Tv-Star Croatia Gornji 1st
Johnny N. NightOwl 15 Yellow Peru Kon 18th
Tanner T. tdogg1543 15 Yellow Peru Kon 17th
Tyrone W. workhardplayhard247 14 Yellow Peru Apu 16th
Justin J. Justunreal 18 Yellow Peru Apu 15th
Bubba D. Duffybutt11 15 Dark Green Peru Kon 14th
Cedric T. teamjacz 19 Tv-Star Peru Kon 13th
Oliver M. MrPokeguy9 18 Gold Peru Kon 12th
Danny M. m0nkeymaniac 15 Yellow Peru Kon 11th
Reed N. Ninja41 17 Silver Peru Kon 10th
Joel L. Lostman 16 Gold Peru Apu EV
Jared J. Jared242 14 Blue Peru Apu 8th
Nehemiah N. neme81 17 Yellow Peru Kon 7th
Natalie O. OhNatalie 17 Light Green Peru Kon 6th
Lauren J. Laurenjade121 18 Red Peru Apu EV
Zach T. tuter32 16 Purple Peru Apu 4th
Alexandra A. Alyxandra 18 Brown Peru Apu 3rd
Kent B. KBeastW 22 Gold Peru Apu 2nd
AJ F. jflora8 18 Black Peru Apu 1st
Hannah P. Hannah_Parks 17 Brown All-Stars Arawak 18th
Jacob C. Jacob_C 14 Brown All-Stars Igneri 17th
Alyssa O. oXAlyssaXo 16 Light Green All-Stars Arawak 16th
Nathan F. Nathan132 15 Silver All-Stars Arawak 15th
Tayvie N. HighNoon 18 Orange All-Stars Taino 14th
Bwburke B. bwburke94 18 Black All-Stars Taino 13th
DJ C. coolexchangestudent 15 Blue All-Stars Igneri 12th
Brittney N. Ninihead25 14 Black All-Stars Arawak 11th
Natalie O. OhNatalie 18 Dark Green All-Stars Igneri 10th
Nikki P. Avatar20 13 Light Green All-Stars Taino 9th
Jeff T. TDO88 16 Black All-Stars Arawak 8th
Kelly M. MoooHades 14 Red All-Stars Igneri 7th
AJ F. jflora18 18 Black All-Stars Arawak 6th
Sim S. SomebodyAwesome 16 Silver All-Stars Igneri 5th
Cedric T. teamjacz 19 Tv-Star All-Stars Taino 4th
Mike S. Survivor8 22 Tv-Star All-Stars Taino 2nd
Ella S. Survivorgame1 15 Yellow All-Stars Taino 2nd
Connor J. cjuddy 15 Gold All-Stars Igneri 1st
Sam J. Sam101101101 18 Orange Aruba Savaneta Quit
Rose M. RoseMaria 19 Gold Aruba Savaneta 15th
Brady S. bradyspaulding16 15 Dark Green Aruba Barcadera 14th
Drew D. Drooseph 15 Light Green Aruba Barcadera 13th
Nick D. jmain14 15 Yellow Aruba Barcadera 12th
Big Joe S. BigJoeFrimodt 15 Gold Aruba Savaneta 11th
Madison B. EternalBlossom 14 Yellow Aruba Savaneta 10th
Will T. willtatum 15 Orange Aruba Barcadera 9th
Kevin T. MooseAntler86 15 Red Aruba Savaneta 8th
Morgan M. DatBlackGuy 15 Light Green Aruba Savaneta 7th
Robby J. robbyjak 14 Light Green Aruba Savaneta 6th
Clair F. haycsclair 23 Orange Aruba Barcadera 5th
Brendon L. brenelle1120 17 Brown Aruba Savaneta 4th
Chris F. blueu22 17 Sky Aruba Barcadera 3rd
Chris B. MyBash_ 16 Blue Aruba Barcadera 2nd
Mike B. Waggamuffin 19 Blue Aruba Barcadera 1st
Blake O. Blakeinator6000 14 Blue Polynesia Tagaloa 16th