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TTJ's Survivor is a Tengaged group game based on the American version of the reality game show, Survivor . The series premiered on January 12, 2013, on Tengaged website and on the wiki. It is hosted by impresario and show creator thetrackerjackers, who produced the series.

The show takes place in a locale island and a group of 15 or more strangers divided into two or more tribes in a hot environment where they must compete in challenges to earn a reward or immunity from expulsion from the game at Tribal Council. Medical conditions such as injuries due to bans or deciding not to continue because of infections may have contestants eliminated other than by vote. The final two or three players remaining in the game face a jury of anywhere from seven to nine players who decide who the worthy winner must be. The player with the most votes earns the title of Sole Survivor and a gift prize.

Lists of tribes

Season Original Merged
Philippines Ahas Pating Tigre Jabanga
Durban Bugeranus Renoster Mutum
Boracay Amihan Habagat Bahaghari
Mongolia Kerait Merkit Tatar Merkaitar
Croatia Donji Gornji Dugi Otok
Peru Apu Kon Chakana
All-Stars Arawak Igneri Taino Aranerino
Aruba Barcadera Savaneta Paradera
Polynesia Nafanua Tagaloa Pulotu Caltoru